A+ BBB rating


Such a Relief to Have One Company Handle It All!

"TWG Roofing took care of my home after it was damaged in the last hail storm. Roofing, siding, screens, gutters, painting and metal trim work, it was such a relief to have one company handle it all. Thanks for your professionalism TWG!"

22 Year Loyal Customer

"PaintMasters and TWG Roofing have performed work for me for over 22 years. After the last hail storm my insurance adjuster said my roof was fine. So I called TWG. They inspected the roof and suggested we get the adjuster back out. They met with a new adjuster and I got a new roof. Thanks, TWG!"

They Really Do What They Say and Honor Their Word

"Sometimes it's hard to find really good, honest contractors, no matter where you live. But TWG made it really easy for us. We just gave them a call, they came out, assessed the damaged, and in no time our property was back in great shape - even better than before. Thanks Scott and Todd and the whole TWG Construction crew!"

Give Your Home The Facelift You're Looking For!

"If you are considering making exterior changes on your home, be sure to talk to the Window Guys. They have a great selection of windows, siding, doors, etc to give your home the facelift you were looking for!"

House Sold in Thirty Days!

"I was getting ready to sell my home and my realtor suggested TWG Construction to bid the interior redo for sale. As they were working on the estimate, the guy, aware of the previous year's hail storm, asked to inspect the roof. He found it hail-damaged, met with the insurance and lo and behold my roof was replaced. Thirty days later the house was sold with a very happy buyer. Thank you, TWG Construction!"

Thanks For Looking Our For My Best Interest!

"In 2012 TWG came out and replaced all the siding on my aging chimney. The following year, scheduled to paint the exterior, they asked if they could inspect my wood roof as there had been a hail storm. They inspected it, met with my adjuster and my roof, damaged siding and damaged metal wraps were all replaced. Half the house was painted as part of the insurance claim. Thanks for looking out for my best interest, TWG!"

Very Pleased With the Work Your Crew Did!

"We're very pleased with the work your crew did for us this summer."

Great Comments on The House!

"Thanks for everything. We've had lots great comments on the house."

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